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    Answered By: Lorraine Falconer
    Last Updated: Jan 05, 2017     Views: 17

    Title search finds titles that start with the words you type in. 

    It's good to use it when you are looking for a one- or two-word title. 

    Type as much or as little of the title as you want. It will find all titles - books, journals, music, etc, but not journal article titles, or the titles of book chapters. 

    If you can't find something by title, always double-check by doing a different kind of search, such as author or keyword.

    Or, if the title starts with a word which may be a definite or indefinite article in another language (like "the" and "a" or "an" in English), then do a title search but type the first word twice. eg

    I I was born Greek would find this book in a title search, whereas I was born Greek fails.


    As with all the other search types use the Limit dropdown to eliminate print results if you want electronic only.