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Answered By: Lorraine Falconer
Last Updated: Feb 02, 2017     Views: 60

To know for sure if we have something, search our catalogue (not CrossSearch, the search box on our home page).

1. If you are sure of the author name, or how the title starts try Title or Author search

    If you only know a few words of the title, use advanced search, and  select Title, from the Any         Field dropdown.

2. When you start with Title or Author search, and your item isn't found, the following text displays where your title / author should have been in the alphabetic list of results: Your entry xxxx would be here - - Search as Words - -

Title search result

3. Click the green Bonus + icon beside it to see if you can get if from another Bonus library. 

4. Or click Search as Words to do a keyword search for your  search words. If your item isn't in the results, or you get too many results, try doing an advanced search, or click the Modify / advanced icon at the top of the screen.

4. At the  advanced search screen, select Title, Author, or Note from the Any Field dropdown, and use only the main keywords from your title or author name.

5. At any point you can always find the Bonus + icon at the top and bottom of a search result list.

6. If you are a postgraduate or staff member, you can also request books and journal articles from document delivery via your MyLoans record.