Answered By: Matthew Davis
Last Updated: Mar 20, 2017     Views: 64

At the Camden Library, Bosch Commons (Formerly the Medical Library), and the Dentistry Library, all of the high demand material and 2 hour items are held in HAL. This means the high demand collection is available anytime the space is open.

How do I borrow material?

Just scan your Campus Card and the door will open. Remove the items you need and then close the door.

Once the door closes, the items that were removed will be loaned onto your card.

How do I return items I've borrowed?

All material borrowed from HAL must be returned to HAL!

To return items, scan your card again, open the door, and place the borrowed books back on the shelf (they can be placed anywhere). When the door is closed they will be returned off your card.

All material in the HAL book vending machine is a 2 hour loan.