Answered By: Kathy Thorncraft
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What are Unit of Study Readings?

The University Library makes available the essential items your students require for their studies. This may be through creating an electronic link or by adding physical items to one of our 2 hour loan collections.


How to submit your request

1.       Complete the template below

2.       Attach your Reading List in weekly order

3.       Email it to us by the deadline (which is 4 weeks before a semester starts)


UOS Code:                                        
UOS Title:  
Number of enrolled/estimated students:  
Session/Semester material is required for?  

Is this list a

A) New List      

B) Reactivated List    

C) Reactivated with some changes


How would you like to receive the list  back?

·         A linked list through the Library Catalogue (exampleOCCP5217)

·         Hyperlinks that you are able to put into Blackboard

Lecturers to be listed on the Unit of Study linked list through the catalogue  

Items that are not held by the Library  that need to be ordered



What you need to do:

·   Send us a list of items that you require your students to be able to access. It should include

o    Physical items to put into a 2 hour Loan collection. We will also check for an ebook version.

o    Essential readings from journals

o    Items not held by the University Library, which we will order.

o    Chapters that need to be scanned under Part VB of the Copyright Act.

·         Ensure all of your citations are correct

·         Organise the list in weekly order

·         Ensure you adhere to Copyright.

·         Submit your list as a Word or PDF attachment by the deadline by emailing


What you can expect from us


Processing Time

·         If your list has less than 40 items, and is submitted by the deadline, you can expect your list to be processed in 2-3 weeks.

·         If your list has more than 40 items, and is submitted by the deadline, library staff will process your list in batches. For Semester 2, 2016 the first batch will be Weeks 1-9. 



·         After your list has been submitted you will receive an email acknowledging that it has been received.

·         You can expect an update of your list two weeks after submission. This will include who is processing your list, confirmation that items have been ordered and the current status of other items.

·         We will let your know when your list is complete. If your list is over 40 items, we will let you know when Weeks 1-9 and then 10-13 are complete.

·         If we are awaiting items on order that have not arrived in the expected time frame, we may contact you to see if you have a personal copy of the item that we are able to place in our 2 hour loan section.




Q: I have a lot of electronic links, is there an easy way I can create a link to put straight into Blackboard?

A: Yes – we have a tool for that called EZProxy URL maker. It will authenticate users through the University’s IP address and convert links so your students are able to access resources from home just by putting in their Unikey.


Q: I would love my students to be able to find resources themselves rather than providing them direct links. Can I get the library to help with this?

A: Yes – we have a team of Academic Liaison Librarians that are able to assist you in delivering and embedding information skills development within units of study, either online or face-to-face


Q: I am a year coordinator and I don’t have anyone to teach one of my units yet. I won’t make the deadline but the students still need material.

A: This is a common situation. Please get in contact with us and we can check to see if the unit has previously been run and we may have an older list for this. Alternatively if you know any of the key resources send them to us in the format requested and we can process a partial list


Q: There is an error in my list or one of the links is broken

A: Please let us know via email and we will investigate the problem.