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Answered By: Matthew Davis
Last Updated: Aug 01, 2016     Views: 63

The University’s copyright license covers both image and YouTube use in class/ppt slides/eLearning site (under some conditions – e.g. providing a copyright notice).

For image use you will find more comprehensive details available on the copyright website at the following URL: You will find notes on recording or posting on eLearning site here as well.

Regarding YouTube material; linking and/or streaming to the class is allowed. It is recommended that you link to a webpage or website rather than reproducing or downloading it, as there are no copyright restrictions on linking to websites.

If you are downloading for the purpose of then uploading onto the eLearning site then it all depends on the “terms of use/conditions” available on the channel for the reuse of those materials. i.e. it is a case by case situation as a general copyright exception does not apply. Linking or streaming however, is perfectly okay.

If a YouTube video is played in class and the lecture is recorded then permission will be required to post it/upload on another website. Educational use copyright exception won’t apply to this situation and best is to check the “terms of use” for the reuse of that content. In most cases the lecture recording will be stopped when YouTube or commercial videos are played. More information on recordings is available at:​