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Answered By: Lorraine Falconer
Last Updated: Aug 26, 2016     Views: 320

Retrieving a specific source on a given date:

Type the name of the publication (not article title) in the Source  > All Sources box (about half-way down), and click the blue arrow to submit. Titles containing your keywords will appear.  
Note: click the "i" icon beside a title to check the dates for full text in Factiva.

Click the blue arrow to the right of the source you want. The source restrictor code for the selected source will appear in the free text search box at the top of the page. eg:

The Australian code: rst=austln
The New York Times code: rst=nytf
The Sydney Morning Herald code: rst=smhh
Wall Street Journal code: rst=jsfwsj  

Specify the  date range to help locate your results - choose In the last day for all the stories in the most recent issue
Remember: If you wish to add keywords, you must use search connectors such as AND, OR, or NOT.

rst=smhh AND (turnbull OR morrison)

Comments (2)

  1. The problem for me is that I do not need to search. I already know what article I am looking for. The library computer tells me it is in Factiva. What I would like to know is how I can get Factiva to bring up The Sunday Age for 4 August 1991. I have put in every search criteria I can think of to try to bring up this article and Factiva is returning zero results. I am getting extremely frustrated. Can you tell us how to bring up a specific publication for a specific day and even find a specific page using this database?
    by James Dahlstrom on Feb 18, 2014.
  2. Not every article that was published in print is included in Factiva. Eg, articles for which Fairfax didn’t own copyright such as cable stories aren’t included. Non-cable briefs might all be joined together in one story.

    The way to get all the stories published on a particular day is enter the publication code for the newspaper in the search box. The Sunday Age code is

    You can get this code by finding the paper title in the box beside “Search Source Name” . When you find what you want, click the small triangle that appears beside the title and it will paste rst= and the code into the search box.
    Then in the Date dropdown change it to Enter date range and enter something like 04/02/1991- 05/02/1991, and all the stories from the Sunday Age that are in Factiva will come up.

    If the story you want isn't included in Factiva, you should be able to get the story you want from microfilm of the print edition.
    by Lorraine Falconer on Feb 18, 2014.