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    Answered by: Sally Chik
    Last Updated: Sep 09, 2020     Views: 84

    Please note, you must be eligible and registered as a distance client for this service. For more information:

    Locate the item in Library Search.

    1. Ensure that you are logged in.
    2. Click on the title of the item.
    3. Under Get this item, you will see Request options and Request a digital copy. Click Request a digital copy.
    4. Fill out the online digitisation request form. 

      Required information for digitisation request: 

      Article/Chapter title
      Volume/issue/year/chapter/chapter number 

      Legal copyright limits apply (1 chapter or 10% of an item, whichever is greater). Full citation details will assist library staff in processing your digitisation request. If any information is incorrect or missing the request may be canceled. We may need to contact you from time to time for more information. 

    5. Click Send Digitisation request. A copyright restriction notice will appear. Click on "I agree with the terms" to proceed with the request. A green box should appear confirming that the request has been placed and your place in the queue. 


    Please allow a few days for the item to be digitised. You will receive an email (to your university email address) when the item is ready to be downloaded. It is best to save a copy of the item as you have a maximum number of 5 views/downloads from the link provided.

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