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Article Processing Charge (APC)
A fee paid by an author to a journal publisher to make an article immediately available via open access.

A period set by the copyright holder, in this context usually an academic journal publisher, during which access to the accepted or publisher version of the journal article is not to be made publicly available through an institutional repository. Embargoes typically last from 6 months 48 months.

Gold open access
Paying to publish in an entirely open access journal. 

Green open access
Self-archiving a copy of the accepted manuscript/post-print an open access repository.

Hybrid open access/hybrid publishing
Paying to make an article open access in a non-open access journal (i.e. articles can be open access if an Article Processing Charge is paid otherwise the article remains available only to subscribers).

Metadata only record, record only or research output metadata
A descriptive record of a research output without any file attached. It includes details such as title, author, date of publication, abstract and DOI and, when related to a grant, the relevant funder and grant ID.

Post-print or Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM)
A document that has been through the peer review process and accepted to be published but isn’t in the publisher’s formatting or branding.

Publisher’s Version/PDF or Version of Record (VoR)
The version of a research output that is published on the publishers’ website. It is professionally typeset by the publisher (for example, journal version with final pagination and formatting).

The original version of a manuscript as it is submitted to a journal prior to peer review. 

Sydney eScholarship Repository or SeS
The institutional repository of The University of Sydney found at 

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