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Answered By: Crystal Choi
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2018     Views: 13

In addition to the Library’s own holdings, Library Search uses a global knowledge base containing hundreds of millions records.  This knowledge base has been developed for libraries that using the same system as the University of Sydney and is what you are searching when you select Online only. 


This knowledge base contains records, metadata and selected full text from an extensive range of publishers, database providers and open access resources.  It is not all content that the Library has access to, as some publishers and database providers choose not to make their content available.  In some instances, you may still need to search subject-specific databases (e.g. Lexis Advance for law). 


Online only allows you to search for journal articles, book chapters and conference papers, as well as online audio, video, images, patents, theses and more. 


By default, your search results only include items that the Library has access to.  To see items we don’t hold (but may be requested), select Expand my results.  Signing in will also increase the number of results, as some publishers do not wish to make their records publicly available (i.e. they only appear once you have signed in and identified as University staff, or students). 


Information about which databases, publishers and sources are included in Library Search is available from: