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Answered By: Jack Britton
Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017     Views: 8

The Hey! You campaign is underway, with signage and social media reminding students to keep personal belongings with them at all times.

There is the  Book-a-Desk available at several of our library locations around main campus. This ensures that you will have a desk waiting for you at the time you desire.

If you need assistance finding a study space in Fisher or Law libraries, please see a staff member at an Information Desk, as they may be able to suggest places that may be less busy.

In Fisher/Law, Security remove any lost property and left items between 3-6am. During other hours, if you believe items are being left to save a desk, you can report these items to Security at the entrance of Fisher. They are able to move items to lost property.

For left items, such as books or paper, students can discreetly move them out of the way and use the space to study.