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Use advanced keyword search to limit your search to the specific language you want with the Limit to language dropdown. A search with english search words, but limited to another language, will find translations from that language into english as well as works in the native language.

Chinese, Japanese and Korean

Most records in the catalogue for Chinese, Japanese and Korean material contain both Romanisation and vernacular scripts. You can search these records using either Romanisation or vernacular scripts. 

The Romanisation systems used in the library catalogue are: 

  • Hepburn for Japanese material
  • McCune-Reichauer for Korean material
  • Pinyin for Chinese material

If searching is done in Pinyin, each Chinese character should be input as one Pinyin syllable, except for personal and geographic names, where syllables should be joined. For example: 

  • zhong wen (not zhongwen) - Chinese language
  • zhongguo - geographic name
  • jia pingwa - personal name


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