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Answered by: Lorraine Falconer
Last Updated: Sep 08, 2020     Views: 37

Basic Search: enter your name keywords into the Search box. You can then refine the results using the facet filter ‘Author/Creator’ to limit the search results with your author.

Advanced Search: change search selection from ‘Any field’ to ‘Author/Creator’ and change ‘contains’ to ‘is (exact)’ then enter author’s name into the Search box in a format of ‘family name, first name’, for example ‘Shakespeare, William’.

Browse by Search: select Author from the dropdown menu and then enter your author’s name in a format of ‘family name, first name’, for example ‘Shakespeare, William’. With this search, Primo will display your search results as a group filed under the same authorised name heading, for example, if you search ‘Bennett, Alice’ in Browse by Search you will see search results as below with how many records associated with each name heading.

Bennett, Alice, 1938-      1 record

Bennett, Alice, 1982-      2 records

Bennett, Alice (Flute player)         2 records

Bennett, Alice (Photographer)     2 records



You can also search for works by government bodies, or the names of organisations, if you have the correct name for eg. international association for dental research


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