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Answered by: Lorraine Falconer
Last Updated: Jul 12, 2016     Views: 5904

Wiley Online delivers some articles as "enhanced PDFs" using Readcube, which delivers them in the background, but causes problems with saving, printing, or opening. They have an epdf file extension, and the PDF icon beside "Get PDF" in Wiley is orange instead of grey.

The technology is also used by some other publishers.

The simplest thing to do is to edit the URL of the PDF in the address bar of your browser.  If the "enhanced PDF" fails to open properly, simply change the /edpf extension at the end of the URL to /pdf and hit Enter. The "basic PDF" will then download.


If you still have problems, please try the other options:

Wiley recommend using the Chrome browser but you will need to combine this with other options below.

- If you are on-campus, try going to and navigate to your article.


- Otherwise, delete your browser cookies and cache

- Disable Readcube "enhanced PDF web reader"

- Block javascript for  in Chrome for Wiley  (Go to  Settings > Advanced > Content settings > Javascript - Manage exceptions > In the Hostname Pattern box enter and change Behaviour to Block. Do the same for  Click Done, then Done again.

The PDF icon should now be grey, and you will be able to open it.

- Disable javascript in your browser before you click Get PDF in Wiley Online.  The PDF icon will change colour from orange to grey, and you will be able to download the standard PDF. You will need to re-enable it afterwards.
 How to disable javascript in Chrome.
Check your browser's help if you need to know how to disable javascript.

- If the PDF seems to open but the page is blank, look for the  Load Basic PDF at the bottom of the page, and click.

- Try the Chrome extension recommended in this blog post about Readcube.

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