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Answered by: Lorraine Falconer
Last Updated: Aug 26, 2016     Views: 1344

Retrieving a specific source on a given date:

Type the name of the publication (not article title) in the Source  > All Sources box (about half-way down), and click the blue arrow to submit. Titles containing your keywords will appear.  
Note: click the "i" icon beside a title to check the dates for full text in Factiva.

Click the blue arrow to the right of the source you want. The source restrictor code for the selected source will appear in the free text search box at the top of the page. eg:

The Australian code: rst=austln
The New York Times code: rst=nytf
The Sydney Morning Herald code: rst=smhh
Wall Street Journal code: rst=jsfwsj  

Specify the  date range to help locate your results - choose In the last day for all the stories in the most recent issue
Remember: If you wish to add keywords, you must use search connectors such as AND, OR, or NOT.

rst=smhh AND (turnbull OR morrison)

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