Answered By: Bligh Glass
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Unfortunately, it is not immediately possible as one list from a single search.
Music has too many variations of format and constructions of subject headings to make this possible.  A keyword search for your specific instrument will find many hits. A significant number of these "hits" will not be what you need: e.g. an arrangement of a work originally written for, say flute, but arranged for another instrument, very possibly not even in the same instrument family.

You can, of course, develop a listing of specific instrumental repertoire that the University Libraries hold. You will need to develop your listing through sequential searches.

For help searching for music see the Music Subject Guide


Subject searching will give you focused results. You will need to do a series of subject searches to cover all the repertoire.

Keyword searching will allow you to find scores for works that include your instrument  anywhere in the catalogue entry.    

You can then  use the My Lists option in MyLoans to save the lists for your later use or export them to EndNote etc.

Some tips when searching for music:

When subject searching note: Music subjects use standardised formulae based on instrumentation and musical forms.
Some subject headings begin with the major musical instrument: e.g. Bassoon music (works for bassoon solo), or, Saxophone music (Saxophones (2)) (works for sax duet), or, bassoon and piano music.
Some music subject headings begin with the musical form: e.g. Concertos (Piano), or, Sonatas (Clarinet and piano), or, Suites (Woodwind ensemble).  
In Keyword searching: Use specific search terms in Advanced keyword search (or CrossSearch Advanced search and result filters) to target closely what you want:
e.g.: a search for flute with format limited to musical scores, location limited to Conservatorium Library - results in nearly 4,000 hits. Whereas a search for flute sonatas parts with format limited to musical scores, and even with the location left as ANY - results in 520 or so hits. A more manageable result for you to work with.

Remember, of course, the moment you make a "definitive" list, it is out of date or incomplete, as the Library's resources develop or you have not included all possible Library holding locations or searched for possible online resources.